Our Experience

We are known for a unique combination of artistry and technical expertise. This comes to life in store with a two-step process that includes working one on one with a stylist before getting pierced by one of our hand-selected piercers.

Our luxury piercing services are available for the ear, nose, and body.Our expert stylists guide you to the jewelry and piercings that will best highlight your features, taking into careful consideration your personal aesthetic, your skin tone, and jewelry choice.

During a store visit, our stylists will present different compositions to find your individualized look.When it comes to piercing, P&ink Studio is unparalleled.

We take great care in securing the best and most professional piercers in the world — piercers that have extensive and rigorous training, a passion for design, and a commitment to delivering a comfortable bedside manner.


Piercing Glossary:

1. LOBE - The lobe refers to the soft lower section of the ear. Many combinations of lobe piercings are possible for a unique look.
2. ANTITRAGUS - The antitragus is the triangular flap of ear that sits above the lobe, opposite of the tragus.
3. CONCH - The conch sits on the middle part of the inside ear. Rings extends across both the inner and outer ear. Alternatively, studs can be framed by the plane of the conch.
4. CONTRACONCH - A new style of piercing, the contraconch perches on the convex part of the ear between the conch and the helix.
5. HELIX - This type of piercing is located along the inside ridge of the upper ear. On either side of the helix sits the forward helix and the lobe.
6. ROOK - The rook piercing is a vertical piercing through the ridge in the inner ear closest to the head. Rings adn curved barbells are ideal for this area.
7. FORWARD HELIX - The forward helix is the frontal part of the ear that follows the helix. This is the flap of skin that helps connect the ear to the head.
8. DAITH - Between the tragus and rook, this subtle piercing is the perfect place to showcase a ring.
9. TRAGUS - The tragus is the flap of skin that sits in front of the ear canal. Due to this location jewelry in the tragus can be seen when.